Lost Chord musicians inspire special wedding day memories for Margaret

Lost Chord musicians inspire special wedding day memories for Margaret

When professional soprano and pianist Rebecca Dale and Chris Taylor took their musical talents to Broom Lane care home, in Rotherham, they didn’t realise the impact their performance would have on one resident.

For as she listened to the couple’s selection of wedding themed melodies, Margaret, who lives with dementia, was inspired to share memories of her own wedding day.

She amazed us all when she was even able to recite for the first time in many years her specially written rhyming marriage vows.

Rebecca and Chris are part of the team of professional musicians who tour care homes and day centres across the region with Lost Chord, the charity that provides vital interactive musical experiences for people living with dementia.

Also present for the session was Lost Chord Chief Executive Helena Muller, who was able to take down and preserve Margaret’s wedding day memory.

“Rebecca’s singing of wedding related songs brought Margaret to life and she delighted us all by reciting her wedding vows which she gave in the form of a poem,” said Helena.

“She could remember every single word and it brought her so much joy to recite them again.

“We encounter some amazing responses from people who often can’t walk, talk, feed themselves or communicate in any way.

“The music evokes memories from their long lost past giving thoughts of happy times in their lives and we often experience people with dementia speaking for the first time in months or years.

“To witness a person with dementia speak for the first time during a Lost Chord session is tangible, powerful and emotional for all to see.”

Margaret’s wedding vows were:

“I mark the days one by one, hoping that it won’t be long
Before I mark a certain day, yes my darling our wedding day
No fuss no bother just a quiet do, an ice cream tea and a pint or two
Because, when I hear you say ‘I Will’, the tears of joy my eyes will fill
On my finger a ring will come, a symbol of love that will never die
I will love you all my life, Love and kisses from your future wife”